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Smart Tips: Shake up Your Weekend with the FamilyFebruary 11, 2016

Smart Tips: Shake up Your Weekend with the Family

Use Apple Tech and More to Get Outdoors

Sometimes it feels like everyone is glued to their phone. It can be frustrating when you want to communicate with your loved ones but can’t seem to hold their attention for more than a few minutes. For a lot of people, the easiest way to deal seems like giving up. But we’re here to show you that there’s another way; you can use the same technology your loved ones enjoy to really bring the family together. After the jump we’ll give you a list of apps and gadgets that will shake up family fun time for a day outdoors and an evening in the home theater.

Get the Kids Moving With Klikaklu

Tired of wasting away on the couch as your kids text their friends and play videogames? Here’s a solution that’s sure to get them moving: Klikaklu.

Pronounced “click-a-clue”, this app makes it easy to kick off a memorable scavenger hunt using their smartphone’s camera and GPS. It gives you the option of pairing off one-on-one, or grouping players together for a whole family adventure. Users create a hunt by selecting items to find, and keep track of progress with real-time updates delivered straight to their mobile phone. It’s an excellent way to get the family moving with a truly rewarding experience.

Record Memories With an Action Cam

Let’s face it: home movies are boring. Sure, they may bring up some great feelings of nostalgia, but are you really willing to re-visit them more than once a decade? Why not up your home movie game with a fun, easy-to-use and engaging action cam?

You’ve probably heard of Go-Pro, once the biggest name in the action cam world. But you don’t have to be an extreme sports athlete to get your younger family members excited about the videos they can shoot. Strap the camera onto a bike helmet or hat, and start a simple game of tag, or toss a ball around. That’s all you need to shoot compelling and fun family videos you’ll love to re-watch over and over again.

Make Smooth Cuts with Mobile Editing

Of course shooting a movie is half of the process, but if you really want to make a memorable video, you’ll have to edit it too. Thankfully there are plenty of top-notch apps out there that offer complete video editing functions, but are so simple and intuitive even the youngest family members will have a blast.

Fans of the iPhone will be happy to know the App Store features a mobile version of iMovie. Cut shots together, add titles, even edit the audio. It can all get pretty in depth, or it can be as simple as you make it. It’s an excellent way to be creative, share memories and stay engaged with your family.

Share It All on the Big Screen

Once your big family adventure is over, it’s time to head back home and enjoy a relaxing evening together. It’s easy to share your experience with everyone directly from your phone to the big screen in your home theater or media room.

Utilize the native mirror function on your Apple TV to view the footage from your phone or computer on the big screen. If you don’t have an Apple TV, apps like Plex make streaming video content to your smart TV hassle free. Simply download the app to your phone and any other device you want to share it with, start playing the movie, sit back and enjoy.

Want more great ideas on how technology can help bring you and your family together? Check back soon for more tips, and contact us today!