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Bird Brain Review: Ring Video Doorbell ProMay 20, 2016

Bird Brain Review: Ring Video Doorbell Pro

One of the big claims of most smart devices is that they can keep you safe. And we’re not just talking about integrated security systems and surveillance cameras – everything from your thermostat to your lighting claims it will protect your Boca Raton connected home in some way. So when a device like the Ring Video Doorbell comes along, you can bet we’re going to take a close look at it to see if it makes the grade.

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Who doesn’t want a device that can show them when someone’s at the door, even if you’re halfway around the world? With motion detection notifications, video recording in the cloud and real-time video intercom, this Internet of Things device goes from gadget to can’t live without it!
Here are the things we loved about the Ring Video Doorbell:

Pro 1: Press the Ring Doorbell and your phone rings wherever you are. The app pops up and after accepting the notification, you can see and talk to whoever is at your door. Really handy for deliveries and service people who stop by your home unexpectedly.

Pro 2: Customizable motion-detection send push notifications to your smartphone when someone approaches the door. They don’t even have to ring the doorbell, and you will get a notification if someone is in range. Nice to see who is snooping around.

Pro 3: Night vision infrared camera lets you see who is outside even in the middle of the night.

Pro 4: The new upgraded Pro is now available and one of the biggest changes we’ve noted is that it’s now capable of full 1080p streaming video. More details and sharper quality make it a smart choice.

Pro 5: Increased Wi-Fi connectivity. The Pro features a 5Ghz Wi-Fi connection, ensuring more reliable use.


And while there are plenty of great features to recommend the Ring Pro, there are still a few drawbacks. Here’s what we didn’t like so much:

Con 1: Unlike the previous version, the Ring Pro requires a hardwired connection to your home’s electricity. While this can be a blessing in disguise – hardwired connections are inherently stronger and more reliable – the lack of a battery option limits versatility.

Con 2: The Pro is narrower than its older sibling, and that means it won’t be able to be mounted over many existing doorbells that have a single gang wall plate.

Con 3: You will have to do some stucco work or other decorative solution & paint.

Con 4: It costs $50 more than the standard Ring. Thats a 25% increase. I don’t know if 1080p vs. 720p on my phone really matters. But hey, it’s only money


Smart doorbells are the perfect addition to any home if you want an extra layer of security and convenience. I wouldn’t do without it after living with it for almost a year. I think it may be one of the best new products in the Internet of Things world that has real value and isn’t just a cool gadget. One more thing…August Smart Lock, which is a very cool product, just introduced their August Doorbell Cam which not only does what the Ring does, but also syncs with their smart lock and you can now open the door remotely! Stay tuned for a review in the coming months.

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