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The Future is in 4K: What to Watch in Ultra HDMay 8, 2017

The Future is in 4K: What to Watch in Ultra HD

Remember your dad beating on the top of the TV to try to get a clearer picture? Those days are gone—long gone. HD has already created clarity and detail our dad’s would never have imagined possible.

Released a few years ago and available in a range of price points, is mind-blowing TV technology called Ultra HD, also known as 4K. This high resolution format contains enough pixels to fill four Full HD 1080p screens— about 8 million pixels—or four times the level of detail of regular HD televisions. That’s a lot of pixels.

Especially useful for TV’s 50-inches and above, 4k delivers an even clearer picture. The images are much more crisp than that of standard HD; you’ve never seen a screen so clean.

The issue thus far has been a lack of content for 4K televisions. Although increasingly more media is being released in 4k.

Netflix is great for Ultra HD content, offering plenty of original programs and some movies as well. There’s ample content available for those looking and enough to keep you occupied until more networks support 4K. Additionally, Amazon has lots of 4K options, both for free with your Amazon Prime video subscription and for rent.

Unexpectedly, YouTube has UltraHD content that’s really cool as well—landscape shots and videos of scenes from around the world. UltraFlix is another option and for a small rental fee, you can watch movies in 4K on supported devices, (Samsung, Vizio and Sony TVs).

Blu-ray players that support Ultra HD content are also quickly hitting the market and are available in less expensive versions. Video game consoles like Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One support 4k.

Want to impress your guests with the clearest TV on the market? Watch your favorite characters in unparalleled clarity? Go for 4K. Set up is easy with the help of an experienced iHummingbird technician. You won’t believe your eyes.