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Why We Do What We Do…August 25, 2014

Why We Do What We Do…

When I conceived of iHummingbird, I worked on a business plan that included, among other things, who is our customer. How we would be able to help that person and why they would need us and our services. I went through all the demographics, psychographics, etc. to really understand our targeted customers. What made them tick, what was their “pain” points, what is important to them. On and on. It really boiled down to helping people.

I realized that people were feeling overwhelmed and intimidated with the ever increasing speed of change and new technology that is dominating our lives. Our customers were feeling left behind as Google, Apple, Facebook and the internet was geared towards teenagers through 30 somethings, but not addressing the needs of baby boomers. Well, iHummingbird was going to address their needs. We would focus on Baby Boomers and find a way to let them enjoy the freedom of technology! We have been so amazed at the response to our service from our customers. It’s been an incredible 5 months! I believe that we are making a difference in people’s lives and that means everything to me. The reviews, referrals and feedback has been overwhelming!
Well, last week I received an email that touched me and encapsulated why I started iHummingbird. I had goosebumps as I read the email and shared it with my staff. It is the essence of why we do what we do. I hope you can catch a glimple into what makes iHummingbird special.

My grandfather lives in West Palm Beach and I was looking to help him with some in-home computer training. He comes to Connecticut for the summer, but will be back in Florida towards the end of September. He loves to use his computer, basically to check emails and go on the web, but he would like to be better at it and is interested in lessons. One of the issues we face in that my grandmother has dementia, and he is her only care provider. He won’t leave her alone for any period of time, and taking her out can be difficult, so it would need to be someone who could come to him. While searching I came across your services. He has a dell laptop and also an iPad – he could use help with both! Is this something your company would do?
Look forward to speaking with you,”
Jessica S.

I contacted Jessica and let her know that we would be honored to work with her and her grandfather to help him with his computer and get him comfortable sending and receiving emails, surf the net, use his iPad and stay in touch with his family while he is in Florida. I look forward to her grandfather’s arrival, and make sure he is well cared for. Thank you Jessica for your email.