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Interested in Smart Home Automation? Work with a Savant Dealer.June 20, 2018

Interested in Smart Home Automation? Work with a Savant Dealer.

Enhance Your Lifestyle the Right Way. Here’s How.


When it comes to smart home automation, we know you have options. We want to make sure you make the right selections and work with the right technicians to ensure that your lifestyle needs and preferences are met. When you work with a Savant dealer on your Delray Beach home, you can expect ease of use and added luxury and convenience to your life.

In this blog, we will look at some reasons to choose Savant for your smart home automation to enhance your lifestyle at home.

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Customized to Your Lifestyle

Everybody has different reasons for wanting to incorporate automation into their homes. Whether it’s for easing daily routines or enhancing entertainment for guests and yourself, there are a number of ways Savant allows you to customize your smart technology to meet your lifestyle needs and preferences.

For example, set up “scenes” to wake up your home with you. Savant control lets you arrange the lights to slowly turn on in the morning, open the shades, and even play music through your audio system if you’d like. Set up “scenes” for bedtime, coming home from work, and more.


The best part is that Savant allows users to customize and set “scenes” themselves,

so don’t worry about forgetting to ask your technician to have set something up for you. Of course, we are always here to help, but what makes Savant great is that they empower the homeowner to use and customize the settings themselves, allowing for full independence and control.


Intuitive User Experience

With the many customization options available, it’s important to have a system that is easy and intuitive to use. This is where Savant truly wins.

The intuitive user interface itself is an addition to the lifestyle upgrade you’ll be getting with your system. Think of it like this: if you invested in a nice car, but didn’t know how to drive it, how much would you really be benefitting from it? Savant empowers its users to drive their smart home automation. The best part? Operating it is effortless.

Additionally, the mobile app available for use makes the user experience even more simple to use and easy to modify your system.

A final thing to note about Savant is that it requires professional installation and wiring — it’s not DIY. As such, working with a dealer you trust is of utmost importance since it will require professional setup. We’re here to help with that part.


Ready to bring Savant into your home to see the possibilities? Reach out to us online or give us a call at (561) 819-2770.