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Is Your Interior Design Style Up to Date?November 11, 2017

Is Your Interior Design Style Up to Date?

How to Incorporate Technology into Your Home Designs by Partnering with a Lutron Dealer

Interior designers in the Delray Beach, Florida area have largely been concerned with furnishing rooms, picking out color schemes, and searching for unique pieces that make a space special. But times are changing for designers, and there’s one part of the job that’s becoming more and more important: leveraging smart technology.

If you haven’t explored the options for using technology for interior design yet, this is the perfect blog for you to read.

The Best Smart Technology for Interior Designers: Lutron

Lutron is a company that makes smart lighting and shading solutions. Instead of relying on a standard light switch, homeowners can control all of the lights and shades in a room, area, or their entire property right from their smartphone or tablet. We choose to be a Lutron dealer because there’s no better option out there for reliability, flexibility, and beauty.

What Interior Designers Can Do with Lutron:

1. Get Rid of Wall Acne with Fashionable Wallplates

If you have more than two switches on the wall, you have wall acne. Too many switches, especially ones that aren’t labeled clearly, creates an eyesore and confusion in the home. When you partner with a Lutron dealer like us, you have access to many different wallplates, dimmers, and other lighting accessories that are designer-friendly. You can coordinate the color of the wallplate with the color scheme in the room by matching it with the wall or choosing an accent color.

Lutron lighting accessories are not only sleek, modern, and aesthetically pleasing, but they also are so high-tech that they are a breeze to use. You can simply move your finger up and down an LED-lit light strip to dim the lights or make them brighter. Or, press up and down buttons to adjust the lighting settings. Custom labels like “all on,” “all off” or specific scenes like “welcome home” also make using the switch easy.

2. Automate Shades and Drapes for a Stylish and Convenient Design

What do you think matters when it comes to furnishings? The way you feel when you use the item or the way it looks? The truth is you want the furnishings to look amazing and also be convenient to use too. The sofa should be stunning and comfortable; the cabinet for the TV should be interesting to see but also open smoothly; and lastly the shades should complement the room’s overall design with a bright or bold pattern but also be easy to open and close.

When you automate your shades, you not only give the homeowner a convenient and cool way to manage their window coverings, but you also expand your options for colors, patterns and styles. As we mentioned in our last blog, Lutron has a variety of styles to pick from, like roller shades, drapes, venetian blinds, and honeycomb shades.

Your client will be able to open and close the shades by clicking one button on a small remote, or by using their mobile device.

Would you like to learn more about how you can incorporate technology into your interior design projects? Feel free to contact us by phone or by filling out our online form.

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