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Motorized Blinds: Are They A Smart Choice for Interior Design Firms?February 23, 2018

Motorized Blinds: Are They A Smart Choice for Interior Design Firms?

Find Out the Ways Motorized Window Treatments Can Boost Interior Design

As your design firm crafts the interior of your clients’ homes, how do you typically approach window treatments?

If your firm uses manual shades, an opportunity exists for you to upgrade your projects instantly by using motorized blinds.

How can motorized window treatments improve the interior designs of your projects in Delray Beach, Florida and beyond?

Just keep reading to find out.

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Seamless Flow With Interior Design

When you think of manual window shades, what comes to mind?

For us, it instantly is the cords that dangle from the blinds. Not only are they a hassle to control, but they’re also an eye-sore.

You don’t have to worry about blemishing your interior design projects when you use motorized shades. That’s because they don’t feature cords at all!

Motorized blinds elegantly complement the window instead of just being a necessity.

You even can use flush-mount blinds so that the shades don’t protrude from the wall at all.

So the question on your mind is probably: How will your clients control their motorized window treatments?

Well, it depends on their preferences. Voice control, handheld remote, smartphone… If they prefer to use an in-wall keypad, you can flush-mount them so that it flows with the room’s design.

Keep Artwork and Furniture Safe

Much like standard manual shades, motorized window treatments can help keep your clients’ artwork and furniture safe from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Perhaps your client leaves his or her manual blinds up. If they forget to lower them, direct sunlight can damage the expensive artwork and furniture inside their homes.

With a smart shading solution, you can include sensors that automatically roll down your clients’ shades at the instant detection of direct sunlight.

That way, your clients’ valuables stay protected.

Set the Perfect Stage

As an interior designer, you always want to give your client’s home the best look possible.

When you incorporate manual shades in your projects, you won’t always be able to achieve the best outcome – perhaps your client leaves the blinds up and direct sunlight then negatively affects the room’s appearance.

Through using smart shading solutions, you can add a new level of control to your projects.

For the best outcome, though, we recommend you combine smart window treatments with a custom lighting control system.

Not only can you then use both shades and lights to create the perfect scenes for specific occasions, but you can give your clients easy and intuitive controls for them to access those scenes regularly.

By including those smart home technologies in your interior design projects, you actually can enhance the way your clients enjoy their homes.


We can partner with your interior design firm to include motorized blinds and custom lighting control for your projects in Delray Beach and throughout Southeast Florida.

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