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Smart Ways to Add Smart Technology to Your HomeMarch 16, 2017

Smart Ways to Add Smart Technology to Your Home

Smart Homes are all the rage right now, everyone either has one or wants one. The real estate market is feeling it—homes with smart technology are better sellers—because people are now demanding the technology.

People assume that a Smart Home is a luxury, however, we’ve got some suggestions on how to make your pad clever and cozy, without breaking the bank. You can amp up your humble abode with a few key products and go from there.

Pick Your Poison

The most significant element of a smart home is a home automation hub. These are like personal assistants and have a variety of cool functions—lights, temperature, music and so on, they can also keep track of your schedule, check the weather and give you the news. You can also order a pizza without leaving your couch.

These devices, like Amazon Echo or Google Home, require a WiFi network and have a fairly straightforward installation. Whichever you choose, having a home automation system is an inexpensive way to begin with smart home technology.

Old-School Home Security is Over

Traditional alarm systems for your home were a good choice when there were no alternatives. But now there are easier and less expensive ways to secure your home. Without a subscription based service, the new technology offers a convenient alternative.

These customized products allow you to see what you want, when you want, while you’re away from home. For example, cameras at the front door or side door and in your children’s room, that you can see from your phone or tablet.

These systems work with your existing products to offer tailored apps that will notify you if there’s a disturbance at your home. They also generally include motion sensors, video cameras and door alarms—for peace of mind when you’re home or away.

Lights, Please!

Let go of your traditional light bulbs—transitioning to LEDs and using your automation hub to turn them on and off—is a simple way to upgrade your home. Smart lights may be more expensive, but they last for years and can accentuate the features of your home based on time of day, softer lights for evening and so on, and come in a variety of colors.

Lighting is important. A smart lighting package can set the mood and is a way you can further personalize your space. The best part, lighting can change your space without actually changing anything.


Smart locks are designed with several purposes. They are super secure due to keyless technology. You can also dictate who can come and go from your house, whether you’re there or not. Not needing a physical key is great for visiting guests or cleaning crews—you can choose the days and times when the house is accessible to these folks.

And you’ll never be locked out again. What’s worse than not being able to get in your own house? With smart locks in place, you can enter with your smartphone.

Keep Your Cool

A popular feature of smart home technology is temperature control. With products like Nest, you can avoid replacing your entire HVAC system while cutting costs and adding convenience to heating or cooling your home.

A smart thermostat will learn your habits, how cool is that? So if you like the house cool when you’re asleep but not in the morning, it will adjust accordingly. You can also control your thermostat from your smart devices, while you’re away from home, or just laying in bed.

And So…

All of these innovations are fairly inexpensive and can give your home a smart upgrade. They can also increase efficiency and save you money. Don’t be intimidated by these amazing products! Let an expert from iHummingbird get your started with a budget that suits you—we’ll help make your house a (smart) home.