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Want the Perfect Home Theater Installation? Read This.February 9, 2018

Want the Perfect Home Theater Installation? Read This.

Find Out The Best Way For You To Execute Your Home Theater’s Vision

You’re ready to build the home theater of your dreams. You have a vision for your private cinema, and you’re prepared to make that idea a reality.

So, what’s next?

The answer is clear: You should work with your local home theater installation expert.

How can the iHummingbird team execute your vision and perfectly build the private cinema of your dreams right in your home?

Just keep reading to find out.

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Share Your Vision

When you work with a home theater installation expert, you don’t have to let your vision go to waste.

Perhaps you want your theater to have a particular theme – maybe you want it modeled after a commercial cinema or even your favorite TV show.

Just tell us during your initial consultation. We will work with you to ensure your theater reflects your personality.

Even if you don’t have a set-in-stone idea for your home theater, we can collaborate with you to design a cinema that you’ll find perfect.

Once your initial consultation is complete, we can thoroughly plan the project so that you’ll end up with a space that you’ll love.

Optimize For Your Enjoyment

The last thing you want is for you to invest in a home theater – only to then never use it.

That’s why it’s critical for your cinema to showcase the technologies you’ll want to use, from the moment you can begin enjoying your space.

During the construction phase of your project, we can install every technology you want to feature – whether it’s a Dolby Atmos surround sound speaker setup, a Savant control system, a 4K Ultra HD projector and more.

Your theater doesn’t have to be for just watching movies, either. You can use your cinema for playing video games, live TV and content from streaming networks like Netflix and Hulu, as well.

The more you have a reason to spend time in your private cinema, the more you’ll likely use it after the installation.

Sit Back and Enjoy the Show

We design our home theaters to be more than just beautiful – they’re also incredibly easy to use. From one touchscreen device, you can access all of your movies and devices.

When you’re ready to watch a show, simply tap the button on your tablet or smartphone, and your theater will transform before your eyes. It’s that easy.

Of course, don’t worry about being handed over the keys without any training – we can guide you through every device in your cinema and how you can control them using the centralized app.

Best of all, we can provide you with ongoing maintenance and service so that your theater technology stays up-to-date and any problems that arise quickly can be fixed!
Are you interested in building the private cinema of your dreams, right here in Delray Beach, Florida?

Just reach out to us here to find out more about our home theater installation process!