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Whole Home Audio: How to Get the Most Out of Your SystemDecember 3, 2017

Whole Home Audio: How to Get the Most Out of Your System

An Expert Installation Can Improve the Listening Experience Throughout Your Property

A whole home audio system, when installed correctly, can prove wonders for your property.

No matter where you are in your house, high-fidelity speakers can play your favorite music or playlist to brighten the mood instantly. That same audio system can also provide an amazing surround-sound experience when you’re watching TV or movies.

However, it can be tricky to get all of your system’s benefits by installing it on your own.

An expert hi-fi audio dealer can customize an audio system to perfectly fit your Delray Beach, Florida property so that you can immediately enjoy it from the moment you begin using it.

Below, we’ll share the top ways we go above and beyond the basic “speaker installation” with our whole home audio setups.

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Wiring (or Wireless) Setup

While wireless audio systems are growing in popularity, for hi-fi audio, nothing beats the sound quality of a wired system. We configure all of the wiring – including hiding it within walls and ceilings – so that each speaker works in sync with the others without relying on wireless connectivity.

Prefer a wireless system? We can help there too. Because wireless speakers work at the mercy of your home Wi-Fi, they often can suffer lag or diminished sound quality. That’s why a home network tune-up (or full-on installation) is part of our process with wireless audio systems. We make sure your network can support streaming high-res audio in every room.

Speaker Configuration

Every room is different. The size, shape, layout, and positioning of furniture all affects the way sound moves around the space, so it makes sense to keep all of that in mind when setting up your audio system.

As part of our audio installation services, we assess your home and identify the best spots for each speaker.

Want surround sound for a particular room? No problem. We’ll configure the speakers in media rooms or living areas so that you can easily use them for both watching movies and listening to music at the push of a button.

Creating Listening Zones

Your whole home audio system doesn’t have to play one song throughout your entire property.

Our approach is to create “listening zones,” from which you can simultaneously listen to different audio streams from multiple areas of your home.

The idea here is that each member of your family can enjoy their own style of music without bothering anyone else. While you’re in the kitchen listening to some classical music, the kids can be out by the pool, enjoying the latest pop hits, without the sounds clashing together.

To make using listening zones easy, we set up our whole home audio systems so that, from one simple app, you can choose the music you want and the area you want to play it in – effortlessly. Swap from listening to a song in one room to having that song play in every area of your home, simply by pushing a button!

Save the Hassle of DIY

When it comes to building a system as complicated as audio distribution, attempting it on your own is going to require time, effort, and skill. Distributing wire is a lengthy and delicate process, and the last thing you want is for a speaker to underperform.

We’ll ensure every speaker works correctly before you even turn your system on for the first time. And if something goes wrong after you begin using it, you can always rely on our stellar support team.

With a professional installation, all you need to do is sit back, relax and listen.

If you want to find out more about whole home audio installations in the Delray Beach area, all you need to do is call us at 561-819-2770 or click here. We look forward to assisting you!