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Smart Tips: Welcome to the Future of Television ViewingMarch 15, 2016

Smart Tips: Welcome to the Future of Television Viewing

A Guide to Some Apps and Hacks You’ll Need for a Connected Home Theater

Let’s face it, television has come a long way. What started out as a small box that received signals from the air resulting in a blurry episode of “I Love Lucy” has transformed into a complete media center that you can take anywhere (which, oddly enough, receives signals from the air – albeit much sharper ones).Today, apps allow you to say “goodbye” to your cable provider and take your entertainment experience with you wherever you go. Whether you’re using your smart device or viewing on a smart TV in your home theater, here are some apps and hacks that will make streaming content more exciting.

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Hack Your Netflix App for Enhanced Entertainment

As cable services struggle for relevance, streaming services like Netflix are becoming more and more prominent. But are you getting all you can out of the app? Here are some simple hacks to get even more:

• Make sure you’re streaming in HD on your smart device. Why pay for HD service if you’re not getting it? Select “playback settings” on your account page and set data usage to high. HD can eat up data, but for T-Mobile users Netflix, Hulu and other services don’t count toward data usage.

• Adjust subtitles to make them easier to read. In your account, select “Your Profile” and find “Subtitle Appearance”. From there, simply play with the different fonts and colors until you’re satisfied.

• If you’re watching in Google Chrome, use add-ons to enhance your experience. Find the “Netflix Enhancer” in the Chrome Web Store to add Rotten Tomatoes ratings, trailers and more info to each program you choose to watch.

There are plenty of similar hacks for Netflix, Hulu and other streaming apps, so make sure to check back soon for more.

Explore Streaming Apps for Endless Content

We all know about Netflix and Hulu, but did you know there are plenty of more apps for enjoying content – things you wouldn’t be able to see on a regular cable service provider. Here are some interesting ones:

Pluto TV: Fans of the traditional channel guide will like Pluto.TV. Choose from hundreds of streaming stations that allow for the more spontaneous nature of TV viewing that modern apps seem to have left behind.

Stevie: If you’re a social media fiend, or you just want to keep up with what your kids are watching, check out Stevie. It curates content based on your social media interest, and directs you to shows and channels based on trending topics.

Watch Up: Watch Up is perfect for those interested in staying current with the news. Based on your interests, which you select in your profile, it curates news stories from a variety of sources for an endless stream of current information specifically tailored to you.

Are you ready to step into the modern world of television viewing? Contact us to learn more about which apps and devices are essential for managing all of your favorite info and entertainment.