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Is Google Home the Future of Your Smart Technology?June 20, 2016

Is Google Home the Future of Your Smart Technology?

It’s Google Home Vs. Echo Integration in the Battle for Voice Control

If you needed any more proof that smart home technology was the wave of the future, look no further: Alphabet (the parent company of Google) has announced Google Home. The new voice control device is prepping to challenge last year’s big contender, the Amazon Echo. Integration with many of Alphabet’s current products, like the popular Nest thermostat, may just give Google Home the edge it needs to topple the current champion. Find out why the new device may be giving Amazon a run for its money in your Palm Beach home after the jump.

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The new AI robot Google Assistant will power Google Home. It’s similar to the “OK Google” feature that already exists on Android smartphones. According to Brett Molina at USA Today, “The assistant is similar to Alexa, the artificial intelligence voice assistant powering Amazon Echo, which has surged in popularity in recent months.”

While the Google device won’t hit the shelves until the fall, we already know a few things about it. Here’s what sets it apart from the competition.

It will use Google Search. You probably know that Google is the biggest search engine on the planet. The device will potentially help you infinitely more than Amazon’s product when trying to find information.

Native Nest control. Alphabet owns both Google and Nest, so you can expect that the devices will work together very smoothly.

Create a network. You’ll be able to connect multiple Google Homes together to create a strong network of devices throughout your home.

Customizable appearance. You’ll be able to change how it looks to match your home décor.

Though the new device is set to challenge the Echo directly, we’re not yet ready to give up on Alexa. Amazon has proven they can make a splash with their product, and as it continues to update and improve, we’ll very likely see a fierce competition in the near future.

The main takeaway from the announcement should be this: smart home control is now affordable for the average consumer, and voice control is the next big thing. Whether you want a digital assistant to help you look up facts, or you need integrated control of electronic devices, it looks like 2017 could be a banner year for the connected home.

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