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frequently asked questions

Congratulations and welcome to the iHummingbird Family! We are excited to have been chosen to manage, install, program and demonstrate your new smart system(s). In order to ensure a smooth installation, we have prepared a FAQ to help you understand what to expect.

  • What is a “Smart” System?

    A “Smart” system is essentially the ability for a component, i.e TV, speaker, light dimmer, shades, etc. to both speak to each other and/or the internet for control, i.e. on, off, volume, channels, scenes, etc. This can be done through apps on your smart phone or tablet, or the control system, or both.

  • What are the limitations of a “Smart” System?

    Remember how cars used to overheat, constantly need service or even breakdown? Technology and especially home automation, is still a relatively new and evolving platform. It has come a long way in a few short years, but still has a ways to go before it is bullet proof. With that said, it is a part of our everyday lives and with the right approach, design and implementation, can make our lives more comfortable, offer more choices and allow us freedom to explore the world in a way we couldn’t do otherwise.

  • Why can’t my _____ (fill in the blank) just turn on and do what I want like the old days?

    Well, the truth is more or less you can. But, most of our customers prefer to have the equipment located remotely. This usually requires a control system to send the signal over radio frequency to the cable box or AppleTV, etc. In addition, our customers prefer to have one remote control that does everything rather than three or more remotes. Finally, in the “old” days, a TV was a stand alone with built-in speakers and no connected devices. Now, the thin LED TV’s have very poor quality sound and we have more than just a cable box. This requires additional equipment and the ability to control these devices. Hence a control system.

  • Why do I need a professional Network?

    The network is the backbone of not only your home entertainment and automation system, but also critical to your access to the internet. It needs to be fast, reliable, secure and strong. The devices we install are designed to meet those specifications.

  • Ok, I have decided to go with iHummingbird Elite. What’s next?

    Great question! So, depending on the type of project you have, we have a few different processes and requirements that will make everything go as smooth as possible.

    This is what we need to start your project:

    1. Signed sales agreement

    2. Deposit
    Percentage depends on type of project. New construction, renovation or retrofit. Typically 30% – 90% to get started.

    3. Change Orders
    Change orders happen as the project progresses. Sometimes the models of equipment change, often times the customer wants to add speakers or a camera before the walls go up, etc. We are happy to accommodate change orders, but all change orders must be in writing and paid in advance.

    4. Electrical
    Electrical 110v outlets to be installed at desired TV heights. Typically 58-62” on center depending on the size of the TV.

    5. Cable (ISP) Provider
    Schedule installation for cable and internet at least two weeks prior to move in date.
    Cable companies are notorious for their lack of customer service, timely installations and missing scheduled appointments. Any delays or omissions by the cable company that causes iHummingbird to have to reschedule installation will be billed on a time and material basis.

    6. Scheduling & Installation
    All paint and trim work to be completed
    All furniture to be in place, especially if equipment is to be installed in cabinets.

    We understand that you may move into your home prior to final furniture and custom cabinetry is installed. We will be happy to setup and install TV’s and internet prior to final, but this will be billed on a time and material basis.

  • What is Project Management and why do I need it?

    The simple answer is that you don’t. However, our clients prefer to have us manage the project for them which frees you up to do more important things. We will meet with the GC, electrician, designer, cable company, etc. to make sure your project is professionally installed and meets or exceeds your expectations.

  • Why am I being billed for parts, products and/or labor not in the original proposal?

    Sometimes the studs are not where we need them to be to center the TV, sometimes there are plumbing or other structures in the wall we could not have foreseen, a missing outlet or damaged or missing wire, furniture not being in place or cable company missing an appointment, etc. In many cases our experienced technicians can find solutions to these problems, but we will need to bill for the time and material it takes to repair or remedy the situation. iHummingbird will contact the customer to relay the information and the solution, and the cost, but we also do not want to delay the installation or have to reschedule if possible.

  • What happens when you are done? I don’t have a clue how to use the system?

    No worries. This is our favorite part of the project. We will sit down with you to show you how to use the system, customize it to your preferences and get you up and running. But it doesn’t end there. We will get you started getting your music playlists onto your system, favorite channels programmed into your remote, update the firmware and customize the iPad, iPhone, etc. This is where we truly shine.

  • What is the warranty from iHummingbird Elite?

    Glad you asked. We offer a 90 day warranty on all hardware, parts and labor. If there is a bad or defective product, we will replace it at our cost. Thankfully we don’t have too many issues with our hardware, but if we do, you’re covered. After 90 days, the manufacturer’s warranty kicks in and is usually 1-5 years depending on the product. We will troubleshoot, repair or replace the product under the manufacturer’s warranty. Charges will apply for the labor, parts and shipping to repair or replace the defective product.