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Are High-End Speakers Worth it? Here’s How You Can Find Out.January 20, 2018

Are High-End Speakers Worth it? Here’s How You Can Find Out.

Discover Whether High-Fidelity Audio Truly Makes a Difference

If you’re ready to add speakers to your home, you already have a lot to think about.

There are plenty of options on the market. How do you choose the best solution for your property? Better yet, should you go with an economical option or instead opt for high-end speakers?

We’ll be the first to admit that high-fidelity audio systems aren’t for everyone (Our Delray Beach, FL showroom offers a wide range of speaker options for any home), but there’s a reason why we encourage our clients to invest in high-quality sound.

It simply comes down to promoting the best listening experience possible.

So how can you tell if high-end audio is worth it? Just keep reading to find out.

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Here’s the Theory…

It’s easy for anyone to say that high-end speakers produce better sound quality than a typical speaker. How do you prove that, though?

Is there a proven way to distinguish high-fidelity audio? The answer is a resounding yes.

High-fidelity speaker manufacturers and third party assessors actually can run tests designed to evaluate how well sound booming from their product matches with an original recording.

The closer the match, the higher quality the speaker is.

The Blind Test

While numbers can tell you a speaker is of high quality, you don’t really know what that means for you until you listen to it in person. The ultimate way to distinguish high-fidelity sound compared to a typical speaker, according to experts, is to enjoy a “blind test.”

During these tests, you won’t be able to see but instead will listen to music coming from an average speaker and then the same music coming from a high-quality speaker.

You won’t know which speaker produced the best sound until after the fact, but we’re confident you instantly will be able to tell the difference.

Your Reaction Answers the Question

How you respond to that difference will answer the question of “Is high-end audio worth it?” If the improved quality from the better speakers sends chills down your spine, then you’ll know that it’s right for you.

But if you’re not a complete audiophile and simply want a way to enjoy music throughout your home, then a simpler music setup will work well for you!

Where to Go from Here

Like we said above, the best way you can distinguish high-fidelity speakers from an average one is by experiencing a blind listening test.

There’s one problem, though: you won’t find high-end speakers to test out at your typical electronics store.

The solution is to visit our Delray Beach showroom at 1405 N. Congress Ave, Suite 2, where you can enjoy a blind listening test yourself and listen to a wide range of speakers.

From there, we can help you choose a custom solution for your home – or simply answer any questions about speakers that you might have.

To arrange for a free consultation, we encourage you to reach out to our team. To get in touch, you can either call us at (561) 819-2770 or click on the link below. We look forward to assisting you!

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