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Media Room or Dedicated Theater: What Home Theater Design is Best for Your Space?October 26, 2018

Media Room or Dedicated Theater: What Home Theater Design is Best for Your Space?

Discover the Right Home Theater Setup for Your Delray Beach Home

Entertainment is a significant part of how you spend your time at home, and when you’ve been working all day, turning on a movie, TV show, album, or video game helps you unwind and let go of your stress. You can make your entertainment more immersive with a home theater setup that delivers high-performance audio and video in a luxurious environment, but how do you decide what home theater design is right for your home?

Your budget and your space will determine which direction you want to go. If you, we recommend a dedicated home theater where every element is optimized to give you the best entertainment experience. If you want a more cost-effective solution for an existing space, a multi-purpose media room accommodates what you already have while enhancing the technology.

Keep reading to learn about the two main avenues you can take for your Delray Beach, FL home’s theater design.

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Dedicated Home Theater

Ever wish you could have a cinema experience that was designed for your particular taste? With a dedicated home theater, you can have a viewing experience that is even more technologically advanced than your local multiplex thanks to 4K Ultra-High-Definition projectors and Dolby Atmos-enabled surround sound that is so advanced it creates the impression of audio emerging out of thin air.

A dedicated home theater changes how you engage with your media. One of the great benefits of seeing a movie in the cinema is that it eliminates distractions so you fully engage with a piece of art. Plush theater seating gives you maximum comfort while your audio and video are customized for the best performance in your space, guaranteeing the best acoustics and sightlines.


Multi-Purpose Media Room

Your dedicated home theater can still do much more than just play movies, but it’s a room that is made for entertainment consumption. A media room can easily be used as a gathering space in which people are more focused on interacting with each other than with the music or video currently playing in the background.

Adding a dedicated home theater to a house that wasn’t built with one in mind can be very tricky, which is why many homeowners transform their living rooms into multi-purpose media rooms with the help of smart home automation.

With a smart home control system, all it takes is the push of a button to create an ideal viewing area by automatically lowering motorized shades, dimming lights, dropping a projector screen, and activating surround sound all at once. Want an option that makes it less of a production when you just want to binge a TV show or catch up on the news? Mount a flat-panel display for your low priority viewing, and install a projector and screen that you can activate when you want to up the scale of your experience.


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