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Smart Tips: A Smarter Way to Cookout This SpringApril 25, 2016

Smart Tips: A Smarter Way to Cookout This Spring

Take Advantage of Sonos, Lighting Control and Other Tech for Family Fun

Winter is over, and now that the days are getting longer it’s time to enjoy the extra sunlight with family fun in your backyard. And by taking advantage of the technology you already own you can turn a family cookout into an unforgettable event that will even impress the most discerning grandchild. Everything from selecting the right music playlist to total lighting control is at your fingertips if you own a smartphone. Read on to find out how to transform your Palm Beach property into the perfect party destination for your family.

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Start the Music With Sonos

Here’s a question: what’s the most impressive part of a Sonos music system? The answer is simple – audiophile-grade sound quality from a wireless device. It’s easy to place the speakers on a deck or patio and transform it into a fun gathering place for your family. Just select a playlist with your smartphone and stream it through your speakers the way you would inside your home.

Grilled to Perfection

Once everyone is enjoying the tunes, it’s time to start up the grill. For some, grilling is an art-form. Setting up the coals, starting the fire, cooking the meat to perfection – it’s all part of a fun process that few of us excel at. If you’re one of the many that have trouble with the grill, the answer has arrived in the form of a smart grill thermometer.

Simply insert the thermometer into the steak or chicken on the fire and receive real-time updates to your smartphone on the internal temperature, and an alert once it’s done. If the kids love grilled chicken, it’s easy to ensure that it’s neither under- nor overcooked, and they’ll definitely come back for seconds. If Dad prefers medium-rare steak, there’s no guesswork involved, and no danger of overheating it.

Light up the Night

Once the sun goes down and everyone has a full belly, the festivities don’t have to stop. By installing smart bulbs into your outdoor lighting fixtures, the good times can go well into the night. Smart bulbs transform your existing lamps into energy-saving, multi-colored and easily dimmable devices your smartphone or tablet can control.

Use the proprietary app that controls the bulbs, or integrate the controls with your existing Lutron system for even easier access. Put total control of all your home’s lights in the palm of your hand with a single, intuitive interface.

Enjoy Outdoor Cinema

Stream a movie or TV show directly from your iTunes library using your iPhone and a connected projector. Rumor has it that the upcoming iPhone 7 will have a built-in projector, but if you don’t intend to be first in line when the new version drops in September to find out for yourself, there are plenty of great external projectors on the market.

Do you want more great tips on having fun with smart lighting control, Sonos speakers or other smart devices? Contact us today.