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The Best Way to Save Energy in Your HomeJuly 31, 2018

The Best Way to Save Energy in Your Home

Energy-Saving Tips from Your Local Lutron Dealer

Summer may be coming to a close, but the Florida heat shows no sign of stopping, especially in the South Palm Beach area. Between air conditioning, lighting, and electronics, your home is likely using an incredible amount of energy each month.

So here’s the question: is there an easy way to cut down on that energy usage?

Short answer: yes. For the full answer, keep reading.

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There are two main ways to significantly cut down on your home’s energy usage each month. The first option is to keep the lights off, bump the AC up to 80, and unplug most of your electronics… Doesn’t sound ideal, does it?

The second method allows you to reduce energy usage without requiring your family to spend their days sweating in the dark. And it’s all made possible through smart technology like Savant and Lutron.

I know what you’re thinking… “You want me to add on more energy-consuming technology in order to stop consuming so much energy?” Yes. Yes, we do.

First things first: technologies such as Savant and Lutron consume a miniscule amount of power. On the other hand, they can monitor and adjust the amount of power being used by other devices without you having to lift a finger or make any changes to your lifestyle.

Here’s how it works…

Instead of relying on standard lights, shades, and thermostats in your home, upgrade them to smart devices, all connected to a Savant home automation system.

The Savant system monitors the energy usage in each area of your home. Lights are turned on in an unused room? After five minutes of inactivity, the lights will turn off automatically. How about lights turned on in a room that has plenty of natural light coming in through the windows? The artificial lights will dim to a brightness level that is ideal for the space.

The smart thermostat can raise the temperature slightly while you’re gone from home, then lower it prior to your return so that by the time you walk in the door, you’re greeted with cool, crisp air. And when the thermostat identifies that the AC will need to kick in soon, your Lutron motorized shades can come to the rescue.

One of the key ways motorized shades help with energy efficiency is by blocking solar heat gain. Temperature sensors keep track of how much heat is entering the room via windows. On particularly sunny days, the shades automatically lower to keep the sun’s rays from essentially cooking your home from the outside.

The lighting and shading technologies are available from your local Florida Lutron dealer. Here at iHummingbird, we install and maintain a wide variety of energy-saving smart technologies, including Lutron and Savant. To learn more about the different options available and what you can expect in terms of energy savings, call us at 561-819-2770 or fill out this quick contact request.