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The Perfect Lutron Products for Your Home Lighting NeedsSeptember 18, 2018

The Perfect Lutron Products for Your Home Lighting Needs

Whether you go wired or wireless, Lutron has what you need for your Delray Beach lifestyle

If you’re a Delray Beach homeowner, there’s no reason you shouldn’t install a lighting control system in your home. We’ve already talked about how such devices can save you money, but they’re also a great way to make your home a more comfortable place to live.

That said, there lots of choices when it comes to home lighting control, from wired vs. wireless systems to which brands and products you want to use. We at iHummingbird recommend you choose Lutron, the leaders in home lighting control systems. But that doesn’t answer the question of wired vs. wireless. Both choices have their merits and disadvantages, and in this blog,  we’ll walk you through them while showcasing some of the Lutron products that fit your needs.

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The primary benefits of going with a wired lighting control system are reliability and having centralized control. A wired system keeps all the lighting circuits in your home connected to one central hub, which means you’ll never have issues with devices not being able to communicate with each other.

That said, wired systems require a lot more components and usually entail a more complex installation process, which also makes such systems more expensive than wireless options. This makes wired systems much better suited to new construction, or at least extensive renovations, because technicians will have easier access to your walls and wiring.

If you elect to go with a wired lighting system for your home, Lutron’s HomeWorks line is one option to consider. It can easily be integrated with your security or motorized shade systems, supports literally thousands of devices, and offers a variety of designs, colors and finishes to make sure the system fits with your interior design aesthetic.



The advantages of a wireless lighting control system are the considerably lower cost and the ease of installation. The dimmers, sensors and other devices can be plugged into your walls or outlets in a matter of minutes, and you can control the system from your phone, tablet or other console.

The lack of wiring brings the cost down considerably, which makes wireless systems better for customers on a budget. These systems are also much easier to retrofit into your existing lighting system since you don’t need to tear out the walls to install components. However, the lack of a hard-wire connection means that occasional communication hiccups can occur with wireless systems, so keep that in mind.

Lutron has several quality wireless lighting systems available. The Caseta line is a good place to start; it supports up to 50 devices, and the dimmers and switches can be installed in minutes. If you’re worried you need a stronger system, the RA2 Select supports up to 100 devices, allows for remote control from your phone or other device, and allows for several preset scene options. Need to up the ante even more? The Radio RA2 supports up to 200 devices and allows for even greater control and customization. All three product lines come in a number of styles and colors to match your home’s design sensibility.



If you want to know more about home lighting control or are ready to upgrade, iHummingbird has the solutions you’re looking for. Delray Beach customers can reach us at 561-819-2770, visit our showroom at 1405 N. Congress Ave, Ste. 12, Delray Beach, FL 33445, or fill out our contact form online.