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Bird Brain Review: Nest CamJune 14, 2016

Bird Brain Review: Nest Cam

Is the Camera the Perfect Addition to Your Nest Installation?

Selecting surveillance systems used to be a hassle. First, you had to choose the model you liked – doing research on each of the specs and so on. Then you had to schedule an appointment with your local AV technician to come by and install the complex, hardwired gear into your walls. Today, though, it seems like all you need is a handy little Nest Cam to keep your Palm Beach property safe.  Read on to find out if it’s a valuable addition to your Nest installation.

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If you’ve been following our blog, you know that the Nest Cam is a smart way to enhance the safety of your home. Here are the things we love most about the smart device:

Pro 1: The most obvious positive is that the Cam connects with your other Nest gear to enhance safety and reduce energy costs in your home.

Pro 2: It streams real-time video footage directly to your smartphone, so you’ll always catch the dog in the act when he’s eyeballing the pie on the counter!

Pro 3: Impressive video quality. The Nest Cam offers full, streaming 1080p so you’ll catch a lot of details with this little guy.

Pro 4: In addition to live-streaming in regular lighting conditions, it offers beautiful night-vision streaming, so you can see what’s going on in your home at all times.

Pro 5: Two-way talk. Yep, you can communicate via the Nest Cam with your friends and family.


While we like the Nest Cam, there are a few items we’re not so fond of:

Con 1: It’s not a full-service surveillance camera. Sure, it’s a useful tool for keeping track of what’s going on in your home, but it doesn’t offer the same level of protection as a dedicated surveillance device.

Con 2: No customizable alerts. The Nest Cam provides motion-sensing alters, but they can only occur every 30 minutes. It’d be good if we had more options for when and what we received.


We love the Nest Cam, particularly the way it works with your other Nest devices, like the Thermostat and Protect, to help monitor when someone is in the house to increase the efficiency of each. In the end, though, you can’t rely on it solely for full home surveillance, which is only a minor drawback.

If you have questions about this device or other parts of your Nest installation, contact us today!