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Are You Ready for a Smart Home Installation?October 15, 2018

Are You Ready for a Smart Home Installation?

Discover the Benefits of Smart Technology in Your Delray Beach Home

Smart home technology is more than a trend. It has become the norm for high-end homes as more and more people discover the benefits of automated technology, which is rapidly evolving to cover a wider variety of household functions. There are smart refrigerators that know what’s in your fridge and will let you know when an item you use regularly is running low. You can completely change the color palette of a room with smart LED bulbs that encompass the entire spectrum of the rainbow.

What are the greatest benefits of smart home automation? We call them the 3 Cs: connection, comfort, and convenience. Keep reading to learn how a smart home installation enriches your Delray Beach home with these three elements.

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Connectivity is at the core of a smart home automation system, which brings together all your automated technology with a single control interface. No more looking for remotes and jumping between apps. Your smartphone or tablet gives you instant access to all your smart devices and allows you to program specific settings that activate multiple automated functions at once.

A professional smart home installation guarantees that all your technology is properly connected for a high-performance system that is customized for the needs of your family. That means creating an intuitive control interface that everyone can use.



Anything that can make your home more relaxing is very appealing, and smart home automation is designed to make your everyday activities more pleasurable. Instead of waking up to a blaring alarm, you can have your smart home automation system gradually increase the volume of a morning playlist as your window shades open to let sunlight fill your room.

With audio technology installed inside your walls and ceilings, you can enjoy music in any room of your house without having unsightly sound equipment interrupting the interior design.

Security plays an important part in keeping you comfortable because it prevents you from worrying about the safety of your home. A smart security system combines surveillance cameras, locks, sensors, and lighting to deter criminals from coming on to your property, and you’ll get instant alerts if there’s any unusual activity at your home.



How many times have you fussed over a cord for your blinds that refuses to click in place? Do you find yourself getting out of bed to double check that your lights are off downstairs and your doors are locked?

With smart home technology, these annoyances become a thing of the past. You can adjust your blinds from your smartphone, gaining more precise control than you ever could with manual window treatments. That same app tells you what lights are on and if any doors are unlocked. Push a single button and you can put your entire house into bedtime mode, securing all entrances, arming your security system, and turning off any lights that shouldn’t stay on overnight.


Want to learn more about smart home installation services for your Delray Beach home? Reach out to one of our experts at 561-819-2770 or by filling out our online form.