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Enhance Your Lifestyle with Smart Home AutomationSeptember 10, 2018

Enhance Your Lifestyle with Smart Home Automation

Get the Most Out of Your Delray Beach Home with Smart Technology

The purpose of smart home automation is to make your life more comfortable and convenient, and you’ll be surprised how much more time you have for other activities when you’re not worrying about how to operate all your different technology. Smart home automation unifies these separate smart devices with one central control system, making your Delray Beach more functional than ever before.

Read on to learn the various ways smart home automation can change how you interact with your home and enhance how your home works for you.


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Increase Your Comfort

With smart home automation, you have unprecedented control over the environment in your home, with customization options that allow you to adjust smart lighting, window treatments, climate, and A/V distribution with the tap of a button.

Set your motorized shades to automatically raise and lower with the sun to keep temperatures down and protect your interiors from UV damage. Play music in any room without having to hook anything up; just find the song on your smart device and wirelessly play it through your high-performance audio system. You can even set specific scenes that will activate multiple functions at once to create the ideal atmosphere for any given event.


Streamline Your Routine

Sure, an alarm on your phone will wake you up after you push snooze a couple of times but imagine starting your day with your favorite song slowly getting louder as your shades rise to fill the room with sunlight.

If you think you left the garage door open, you don’t have to drive back home or call a neighbor to check for you.  No more searching for your house keys; there are multiple options for keyless entry, and you can lock and unlock doors from your smartphone.

That’s especially handy at the end of the night when you’re already in bed and you don’t know if the back door is unlocked. With smart home automation, you can not only check the locks, but have a bedtime mode set that locks all the doors and changes the lighting and climate throughout the house.


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Gain Peace of Mind

Some of the greatest benefits of smart home automation come from its security capabilities, and a home control system allows you to safeguard your home from outside threats. As mentioned earlier, you’ll have access to all your locks and sensors from a central control app, and if your home has surveillance cameras, those can be accessed at any time from the same place.

Concerned about the security of your home while you’re on vacation? You can activate a “mockupancy” setting that will make your house appear occupied from the outside with random lighting configurations. And if anyone does try to get onto your property, you’ll receive an immediate alert notifying you of unauthorized activity.


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