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3 Ideas to Get Your Home Super Bowl ReadyFebruary 2, 2016

3 Ideas to Get Your Home Super Bowl Ready

Simple Technology Helps Spruce up Your Spaces for Gameday

You’ve got the chips, you’ve got the dip and you’ve got a guest list as long as your arm. You’re totally prepared to watch the Broncos and the Panthers go head-to-head in Super Bowl 50. But is your home prepared to truly celebrate Super Bowl 50? From ideas for your Sonos installation to setting the perfect video display, we’ve got you covered. After the jump we’ll give you some tips on how to utilize the technology in your Boca Raton home for the ultimate entertainment experience.

Set Your TV to Stunning

If you have a flat-panel 1080p or UHD television, you’ve probably had this experience: get it home from the showroom, set it up and notice a strange, “soap-opera” effect on the images. It’s a common problem for plenty of “smart” TVs, and usually you or the installer will switch it off immediately.

But did you know there’s a reason for the effect? Different manufacturers call it different things, but in all cases it’s designed to help you watch sports. Particularly in 1080p HD, camera movements often times look blurry. The reason for this is the frame rate. Sports games are shot at 48-60 frames per second (fps), but your TV plays back at 24-30fps. The soap-opera feature digitally adds frames to make motion look smoother.

So this year don’t just watch your movies on the same setting as you would a movie. Flip to the “sports” setting and turn on the soap opera effect to enjoy a brightly colored, easy-to-follow game.

Stream Music to Fill the Lulls   

Let’s face it: the Super Bowl can be the most exciting game of the year for plenty of sports fans, but it can also have its fair share of lulls. Why not fill the silence with a streaming soundtrack of curated music everyone can enjoy?

If you have a wireless music system, it’s easy to dictate a playlist from your smartphone to fill each room with the right tunes. Non-fans will enjoy continuing the party in the kitchen, and fanatics can stretch their legs on the patio while giving each other a play-by-play review of the game. Nothing expands the realm of a party quicker than music, so filling your whole house with the right songs makes for a better atmosphere all around.

Share the Best Moments with Everyone

Have family members that can’t make it to your Super Bowl extravaganza? That doesn’t mean you can’t still party with them!

The most beautiful thing about technology is that it keeps everyone connected – not just smart devices, but each member of the family. If you have friends and family that can’t be there with you, use your smart TV to connect to them via Skype.

By using your iPhone, you can mirror your existing Skype conversation onto your Apple TV via Airplay. Don’t have an Apple TV? Plenty of smartphones and smart TVs have similar technology, so everyone can see each other and share the Super Bowl experience, even when they’re miles away. By using your smartphone or tablet’s native camera and microphone, your party just got a whole lot bigger. The only drawback is you won’t be able to pass the chips.

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