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What’s Playing on Your Sonos System?June 6, 2016

What’s Playing on Your Sonos System?

A Guide to Getting the Most out of Your Sonos Installation

Now that summertime has hit South Florida, it’s time to start preparing for lots of parties and seasonal fun, and enjoying your Delray Beach spaces means choosing the right tunes to fit the occasion. Your Sonos installation may be one of the best ways to amp up a fun late-night cookout, or a family gathering to watch the Marlins. But having the system and getting the most out of it are two different things. In this blog, we’ll help you determine what sounds great on a Sonos system.

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Lossless Audio

The kids may be a big fan of MP3s, but dedicated music lovers know that the format lacks the same quality as analog media like vinyl records or even the 24-bit resonance of compact discs. Luckily, Sonos is compatible with many different formats, including a few lossless files. Because they are uncompressed, formats like FLAC and WAV sound just as good as, if not better than your physical collection.



While lossless audio may sound like a great idea, one thing you’ll have to watch out for is ensuring you have enough storage space. A large part of the reason MP3 files took over in the early part of the last decade was that they didn’t require a whole lot of space – digital or otherwise. Lossless files, on the other hand, take up quite a bit, so ensure that your dedicated storage device has a few extra gigabytes or even a terabyte to hold all of your songs.


Converting Old Media

Now that you know which files to keep, and how to store them, it’s time to start converting your old media. We know how fun it can be to drop the needle on the old vinyl records and hear the subtle crackle and pop before the music starts – but being able to stream the same music to your Sonos system is just as important.  Vinyl-to-digital converters are available in many forms, including vinyl-to-CD, USB turntables and an audio interface that connects your existing turntable to your computer.


A Single Library

With so many different ways to listen to your music, you’re going to need to keep it organized. The Sonos app is the perfect way to access your music whether it’s stored on your computer, your mobile device, in the cloud, or streamed over the internet.


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