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What is a smart home?January 15, 2019

What is a smart home?

Everybody wants to be smart these days.

Smart cars, smart phones, smart homes…

While being smart certainly is not a new goal, when it comes to technology and innovation, many people hear these terms but aren’t really sure what, exactly, they mean. Smart phones are pretty common and probably don’t require much explanation at this point, and I’ll let somebody smarter than me explain smart cars.

However, nobody in South Florida is better equipped to discuss smart homes than the team here at iHummingbird elite. While the possibilities for home automation are seemingly endless — and we could go into elaborate detail on each of them — that information is better shared during a consultation where all needs, options and questions can be shared and addressed.

At this point, we’ll simply help define the term “smart home,” and provide a basic overview of what you should know and consider.

It’s time to get smart

Basically, when a home’s appliances, light fixtures, window treatments, heating and air-conditioning systems, computers, security devices, televisions and audio components are able to communicate with one another and are controllable from one interface or app, it is considered “smart.”

A smart home begins with a strong, reliable and fast local network that serves as the hub. Ideally, this is hard-wired and then connected to the various components wirelessly. Do-It-Yourself attempts at creating a smart home are not all that uncommon, but please note the use of the word “attempt” there. Rarely is it a smooth and successful endeavor.

Pairing a bunch of IoT devices that do not have their own apps and trying to make them communicate with one another is often futile. It’s also worth noting that the mass-produced devices most typically used in these DIY scenarios are not reliable, tend to malfunction or fail, and create far more frustration than enjoyment.

For the best results, both aesthetically and performance-wise, a smart home requires proper planning, design, engineering, installation and maintenance. Simply put, it requires a professional.

Is your home elite?

At iHummingbird elite, our clients have spectacular homes that deserve the most sophisticated security, comfort and entertainment systems available. Our team delivers just that. Our relationship begins during the consultation phase and never ends. We work with our clients to discuss their objectives, offering solutions and recommendations along the way.

Ensuring our clients have the best equipment is a focus at iHummingbird elite, as they will deliver the greatest possible performance and reliability. We will install the hub or processor in an inconspicuous location and connect it wirelessly to the various devices throughout the residence. This helps eliminate unsightly wires that detract from a home’s sleek and stylish appearance, while providing maximum functionality that helps enhance both the quality, appearance and security of your home.

All systems will then be integrated to one intuitive interface, such as a remote control, touch screen or app on your smart phone, allowing for ease of operation.

Our team of technicians will then review the system with the homeowner, ensuring they understand each of the components, how they work, and how to properly calibrate each for their surroundings. Although the interfaces are simple to use, our technicians will provide training to the homeowner until they are comfortable with the control process.

Please know that our relationship does not end once the project is complete. We are always available to answer any questions or to address any issues that may arise. We also offer any maintenance and service that may be required, and can certainly add components to the home automation system or install upgrades if desired.

You have a luxurious home, but is it all beauty and no brains? Owning a smart how truly does add joy and simplicity to your life. But you must also be smart in who you choose to design your system. Find a reputable and well-establish company with a strong — no, ELITE — history of both quality and customer service.